Points after Round 11, The Fairfield Merlin Stages

Including Nominated Overseas Rounds

Will Mains and Richard Merriman celebrate their Championship success  x

Will Mains and Aled Edwards

Richard Merriman and Kath Curzon

Barry and Seyyan John

Sean Jones and Sophie King

Photos courtesy of Mike Frayne

A dry warm day greeted competitors to the final round of this years Rally Challenge at the Welsh Motorsport Centre, Pembrey. Carmarthen Motor Club welcomed new sponsors Fairfield Motorsport and Merlin Wonders Tours, and attracted a full entry for the event.

Being four points behind the leader and with a possible 5 points for a non-finish, all Will Mains and Aled Edwards had to do was cross the start line for Will to retain his FMP title. Despite that he pressed on, taking the Vauxhall Nova 1.4 into the top 10 during the day amongst far more powerful opposition.

Richard Merriman and Kath Curzon didn’t have an easy ride on their way to seizing a Class victory. With the FMP Tarmac Title already in the bag, Richard had to finish the rally to be crowned Welsh Tarmac Champion. After being held up by two competitors the front one pulled over only to cut back in front of them causing a heart stopping moment. Despite being slowed further and getting a crack windscreen from a stone thrown up they still took the Roof Hub Darrian T90 to fifth overall and a podium Challenge finish.

Brothers Oliver and Phillip Hopkins took the best overall result of the day amongst contenders finishing 2nd in the Spencer Sport run Mitsibushi Mirage. Oliver reported that although not as powerful as his Evo 9, the braking power was phenomenal as the Mirage is 250kg lighter.

The rally was also a round of the Formula 1000 Junior Championship where youngsters as young as 14 can compete with experienced competitors alongside. Sara Williams, who has competed on rounds of the Renault Clio Trophy in France this year gave the benefit of her knowledge to fellow Brecon Motor Club member Joseph Palmer in a Peugeot 107.

Regular FMP Contenders Barry and Seyyan John hit problems on the last stage, taking a maximum time and robbing them of a Top 20 finish in the rally but they still secured a Top 20 in the Championship.

Sean Jones and Sophie King from Burry Port used a Mazda MX5 in standard trim for the event and got a third in Class. The result wins Sean win the FMP Two Seats Trophy for the highest combined points for competing as both Driver and Co-driver throughout the year.

Co-driver Paul Wakely’s commanding early season lead gave him a big enough cushion to claim a commanding victory  over Caernarfon’s Llion Edwards. Lion competed throughout the year with Dylan Davies who has won the FMP Gravel Trophy for a fourth time.

All of the above information is pending the provisional results being made final.

Points After Round 11


William Mains 149****

Dylan Davies 123.

Richard Merriman 120.

Dave Brick 118.

Barry Jordan 118.

Colin Griffiths 111.

Steve Deeley 102.

David Jones 98.

Martyn England 93*.

Damien Pratts 92.

Nev Jones 85.

Bob Vardy 79.

David Lloyd Roberts 75.

Barry John 70******

Perry Gardener 70.

Tony Rees 70*

Kalvin Green J 69.

Robert Bradley 66.

Jonathan Davies 65.

Owen McMackin 65.

Roger Thomas 61.

Mike Jewell 54.

Peter Jones 54.

Osian Pryce J 54.

Iuean Rowlands 54.

Owen McOnochie J 52.

Sean Jones 50 #55

Dan Moss 47.

Harry Gardner 46.

Julian Reynolds 45.

Mike Pugsley 43*****

Ivor James 41.

Chris Jones 38.

Marcus Padgett 38.

Oliver Hopkins 35.

Osian Jones 31.

Martin Laverty 31.

Andy Manley 31.

Melvyn Evans 30.

Carl Fricker 30.

Chris Ransley 28.

Alex Moore 27.

Matthew Bowyer 26.

Stuart Jacobs 26.

Mark Booth 21.

Philip Clarke 21.

Kristian Wright 21.

Simon De Banke 20.

Steffan Daniels 5.

Stuart Fossey 5.

Philip Hopkins 5 #35

Wyn Jones 5.

Sara Williams 5 #22**


Paul Wakely 148.

Llion Williams 123.

Kath Curzon 120.

Toby Brick 118.

Alan Proudman 102.

Glyn Price 98.

Jonny Tad Evans 97.

Osian Owen J 94.

Dawn England 93*.

Clive (Selwyn) Jones 85.

Emyr Hall 78.

Ian Jones 76.

Patrick Walsh 74**

Sam Allen J 70.

Seyyan John 69******

Kevin Booth 66.

Lee Taylor J 65.

Theresa Fossey 64.

Aled Edwards 61.

Ian Taylor 61.

Dylan Fowler Bishop J 58.

Graham Joseph 54.

Rhodri Williams J 52.

Mike Gilbey 50.

Sam Allen J 47

Dei Jones 47.

Elliot Graham J 46.

Geraint Thomas 42*

Marc Clatworthy 35***

Sion Jones 35.

Sion Williams J 35.

Arwel Jenkins 33.

Phil Kenny 31.

Mark Glennerster 30.

Arfon Griffiths 30.

Lewis Griffiths J 30.

Phillip Hopkins 30 #35

Richard Suter 29.

Dale Clatworthy 26.

Matthew Russ 26.

Rob Billingham 22.

David Hodge 21.

Pauline Merrills 21.

Sara Williams 17 #22.

Chris Davies 5.

Emyr Evans 5.

Richard Evans 5.

Stuart Jacobs 5 #31

Sean Jones 5 #55.

Jason Thomas 5.

Including overseas points scored on;

*West Cork Rally. **Rallye Le Touquet. ***Manx National Rally. ****Carlow Mk.2 Challenge. *****Rallye Van Wervik ****** Ravens Rock Rally

#Two Seats Trophy Contender

Equal points currently listed alphabetically

J = Junior contenders

Seven best scores to count.

No minimum amount of rounds to enter.

Ist Overall – 30     1st in Class – 30      2nd – 28     3rd – 26     4th – 24   5th –  23   6th – 22   7th – 21   8th – 20   9th – 19    10th –  18      11th – 17   12th – 16   13th – 15  14th – 14    15th – 13   16th – 12   17th – 11    18th – 10    19th – 9    20th – 8

Non – finish – 5