Round 1 – The Visit Conwy Cambrian Stages

North Wales Car Club was the first to host the opening round of many championships this season including the ‘FMP’ with the Visit Conwy Cambrian Rally. The town of Llandudno welcomed competitors and spectators with the Start Ramp and Service Area located in the centre of town, and the local Mayor greeted competitors at the Finish. Eight contenders succeeded in taking a Class victory, amongst them 21 year old Junior Contender George Lepley helped by the experienced Arwel Jenkins. The crew also succeeded in taking 13th overall, first in class H2, first Overall Historic, first Overall BTRDA Silver Star and the John Bont Memorial Award.

Fellow Avenger driver Baz Jordan from Nottinghamshire who has provided the car for George for the season had a fraught start to the year when he and reigning Champion Paul Wakely left the road on Stage 2. The sequence of shots kindly provided by Steven Tustin of ST Photography is below. They had a light roll and thankfully suffered no injuries.

The Ludlow father and son pairing of Dave and Toby Brick  put in a storming drive in their 1400 Vauxhall Corsa. Despite a puncture and one excursion into the scenery they still clinched a Class second, missing out by just 7.2 seconds for the win.

Two British Rally Championship drivers signed up on the event, the first of them being Meirion Evans who brought his Melvyn Evans Motorsport Hyundai i20 R5 home in seventh place. The Llanwrda driver is the first contender to select his optional overseas round on which to score points. He has nominated the second BRC round, the West Cork Rally.

Twelve Junior BRC contenders entered the event with Letterkenny’s Marty Gallagher taking 3rd   in the category and 14th overall in National A.

Midlands crew Steve Deeley  / Alan Proudman fell fowl of the current seeding system designed to allow some of the smaller cars to compete before the four wheel drive competitors. Seeded in the middle of the field they found themselves running at the back with the cut up stages causing  headlight failure on their Peugeot 205GTI, stopping them from making a bid for a Class win in the dark. That honour went to multiple Class winner Damian Thomas with Paul Bevan who took the win by 26 seconds in the Peugeot 206.

Forty Eight contenders began the event and regular Tarmac contenders will have their first chance to join the leaderboard on Port Talbot Motor Club’s Rallynuts Stages in March.

For full results see below.

Photos courtesy of Mike Frayne

Photos courtesy of ST Photography

Points after Round 1

The Visit Conwy Cambrian Stages


Perry Gardener                   30

George Lepley        J          30

Damian Pratts                     30

Damian Thomas                 30

David Brick                        28

Hywel Davies                     28

Steve Deeley                      28

Richard Hill                        28

Tom Llewellin       J           28

Owen McMackin               28

Marty Gallagher    J           26

David Gathercole               26

Allan McDowell                26

Colin Griffiths                   24

Noel Lappin                       23

Dominic Hodge                 22

Richard Wells                    22

Meirion Evans                   21

Josh Taylor                        21

Brian Bell                            5

Rob Bradley                        5

Andy Davison                     5

Dan Evans                           5

Keith Gapper                       5

Ron Hall                              5

Matthew Hirst                     5

Baz Jordan                          5

Frazer Martin                      5


Paul Bevan                         30

Jonny ‘Tad’ Evans             30

Arwel Jenkins                    30

Keaton Williams  J            30

Toby Brick                         28

Simon Jones         J            28

Alan Proudman                 28

Lee Taylor                         28

Gavin Heseltine                 26

Gareth Parry                      26

Rhys Stoneman    J            23

Stefan Arndt                      22

Heather Merrison               21

Ken Booth                            5

Declan Dear                         5

Jessica Hockly                     5

Tom Murphy       J               5

Phil Spilstead                       5

Paul Spooner                        5

Paul Wakely                         5

Jordan Wilkinson  J              5

Equal points currently listed alphabetically

J = Junior contenders

Seven best scores to count.

No minimum amount of rounds to enter.

Ist Overall – 30     1st in Class – 30      2nd – 28     3rd – 26     4th – 24   5th –  23   6th – 22   7th – 21   8th – 20   9th – 19    10th –  18      11th – 17   12th – 16   13th – 15  14th – 14    15th – 13   16th – 12   17th – 11    18th – 10    19th – 9    20th – 8      Non – finish – 5

1st Overall – 30     1st in Class – 30      2nd – 28     3rd – 26     4th – 24  5th –  23   6th – 22   7th – 21   8th – 20   9th – 19    10th –  18      11th – 17   12th – 16   13th – 15  14th – 14    15th – 13   16th – 12   17th – 11    18th – 10    19th – 9    20th – 8  Non – finish – 5